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 It is time for SEP Conferences.                           These conferences will be held                     October 27th and 28th.  

You may schedule your appointment by clicking on the link below. 


Thank you for all the support you gave to this year's fundraiser.  It was a huge success.


Every Friday is Spirit Day. 

Don't forget to wear your shirt! 


 ALL Parents need to update your students records.

Student File  

 Please go to FORMS.PROVO.EDU to fill out the registration paperwork.

Backpack Awareness

  It is National School Backpack Awareness Day on September 16th.  Before you send your child to school make sure their backpack fits right and isn't too heavy.  Your child's back will be very grateful. 

Backpack Day Handouts, Artwork, and Video


Ride your Bike to School.                          Here are the some of the winners.



Thanks to the PTA for all your help with this activity.

Harmony Boyd, a 4th Grader at Franklin, saved her money for 4 years to help the Homeless. Click on this link to read the whole story.  



We are proud of you Harmony.   

Meet Kelli Cannon - 4th Grade

My name is Kelli Cannon and I am from Farmington, New Mexico. I attended BYU and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and an endorsement in teaching ESL students. I have taught in both Nebo and Provo School Districts. This year is my third year teaching fourth grade. 

Fourth grade is my absolute favorite grade to teach because we get to study rocks, minerals, and fossils! I have a gigantic rock collection and love to spend time learning more about geology. My other hobbies include reading and yoga. This past summer was my third year coaching the Provo Recreation Center Swim Team. I am so excited to be working with the staff, students, and parents at Franklin Elementary!


Linnea Rose

Meet Mrs. Linnea Rose - 4th Grade

I was born in Oceanside, California. I grew up there until I was in high school. My family moved to Cedar Hills, Utah when I was a sophomore and graduated from Lone Peak High School. I went to BYU-Provo and taught 5th grade at Geneva and 6th grade at Cherry Hill. I love to read, bake, sing, and play sports. Fun fact: I have a 2nd degree black belt in tae kwon do!  

Meet Janice Hartvigsen - 4th Grade

I was born in Bountiful, Utah and grew up in Kaysville, Utah. I studied elementary education at Brigham Young University. I love to be outdoors hiking, running, and enjoying the wonderful mountains all around us. I am new to Franklin Elementary and I am so excited to be here! 

Meet Robin Clonts - Art Teacher

I grew up in Long Island, NY. I have always been interested in the arts and came to Utah for BYU's Studio Arts Program. There I completed my BFA and Art Ed. Certification. Since graduating I had been working with 'At-Risk' Students and as a Landscape Artist. 

Meet Cassandra Heftel - 1st Grade

My name is Cassandra Heftel and my husband's name is Jeff. I have 3 rambunctious boys, Nathan, Cayden, Dallin and a sweet little girl named Meagan. I graduated from Wasatch High School and from Utah Valley University.  I had the privilege to teach 3rd Grade Duel Immersion at Heber Valley Elementary.  I grew up in Utah and love having the mountains as my backyard.  I enjoy going camping with my family and some of the other fun hobbies I enjoy are: scrapbooking, sewing, playing any type of sports with my children, reading, scuba diving, going on vacation and hanging out with my family and friends. I love being outdoors! My favorite sport is soccer and I love watching my boys compete.  I enjoy dancing and every once in awhile I will perform in musicals.

Meet Stephanie Hall - Preschool

I have always focused my life on young children.  I grew up in Georgia and am the oldest of four girls. I attended BYU and have enjoyed teaching for twenty years.  It is my intense desire to help children grow during the preschool years.  I feel “at home” when children arrive at school and hope to create a “home away from home” in our classroom.  

I love spending time in nature throughout the year.  Some of my favorite experiences are nature walks, gardening, watching for birds and rabbits, and smelling flowers.  I look forward to a magical year at Franklin Elementary. 


Meet Katharine Bolliger - 3rd Grade

I was born in Fullerton, California.  I come from a family of five children. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah attending Brighton High School. I earned my bachelors degree from the University of Utah in Mathematics Ed. with a Music Ed. minor. I have been an active PTA volunteer for 17 years in Utah, Florida and Texas. While serving in the PTA, I especially loved helping with the A.R. and Reflections Art programs as well as helping in the classes of my three children teaching elementary Sunshine Math classes for 7 years. I've been a private flute instructor for 28 years teaching 7 years in the Round Rock School District middle schools in Texas. As soon as all our children grew up and moved away to  college, my husband and I served a 12 month mission in Kentucky Louisville Mission. Recently, we moved from Austin, Texas to Utah,  and I attended BYU as a post-baccalaureate student to earn my elementary education endorsement. I love to be active,  go for walks, sing and play music, participate in sports, read children's books, take pictures, watch the rays of the sun break through the clouds, and do anything that lifts and serves others. 

Spotlight- Our District Network Engineer
Is A Former Franklin Student 


May 15, 2015

Jonathan Smith is our Provo School District Network Engineer.  He probably owes all of his knowledge and intelligence to the education he received at Franklin Elementary School.  Here is a video with Jonathan explaining one of his first technology projects.  Thanks to Rem Wiscombe, one of his former teachers, for finding this video.




Check back often to see what is going on at our school!


Spotlight/School News



Over the years, Franklin Elementary has been a safe place for neighborhood children to learn and grow academically and socially.  Distinguished alumni come back to Franklin Elementary to give their time and expertise to its current patrons.  Today's staff is proud of the legacy of learning and excellence that it has inherited.

At Franklin Elementary, our mission is to:*  

Create an atmosphere where the individuality of each person is accepted and valued. *  Prepare literate and competent students through partnerships of school, home and community. * Promote confidence, challenge each individual to achieve, and encourage responsible citizenship.



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Franklin 2014 SAGE Tests

Percent Proficient

2013-14 SAGE Summative average proficiencies shown below reflect a new baseline for Utah's end of level testing. The new SAGE test is different than the previous Criteria Referenced Tests (CRT), and more challenging, and therefore cannot be compared to CRT results from previous years. SAGE tests are adaptive, with questions based on new Utah Core standards, and contain technology-based questions versus all multiple choice.

Third Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 48% 54% 44%
Math 41% 52% 44%


Fourth Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 31% 54% 42%
Math 42% 60% 48%
Science 39% 50% 43%


Fifth Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 33% 53% 42%
Math 35% 59% 44%
Science 39% 51% 46%


Sixth Grade

  School District State
Language Arts 27% 53% 43%
Math 19% 48% 35%
Science 23% 51% 46%


Historic Criterion-Referenced Tests


Achievement Data



The Provo City School District supports equal opportunity for students, staff, parents and guests and complies with state and federal law regulation including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Title IX of the Education Amendments. The District does not discriminate in programs services, activities or employment on the basis of religion, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, or disability.

Inquiries regarding students, programs, services or activity compliance may be directed to the Executive Director of Student Services at 280 West 940 North, Provo, UT 84604 801-374-4814.

For program, service or activity accommodations under the ADA, please contact Student Services at 801-374-4838 or donnan@provo.edu.

Inquiries regarding employment compliance may be directed to the Executive Director of Human Resources at 280 West 940 North, Provo, UT 84604 801-374-4938.

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