Accelerated Reader

This year's AR Goal Period Prizes


Goal Period #1     Aug. 19 - Oct. 5

Reward:  Nachos

90% Comprehension Reward:  Capri Sun

Goal Period #2     Oct. 6 - Nov. 30

Reward: Bingo

90% Comprehension Reward:  Extra Prize

Goal Period #3     Dec. 1 - Feb. 1

Reward:  Board Games /Just Dance

90% Comprehension Reward:  Popcorn

Goal Period #4     Feb. 2 - Mar. 21

Reward:  Class against class Kickball Game/30 min. Free Recess

90% Comprehension Reward:  Water Bottle

Goal Period #5     Mar. 22 - May 13

Reward: Special Carnival Game

90% Comprehension Reward: Treat

AR Carnival

The AR Carnival is for ALL students!! 

Earned AR points will be used toward carnival games.  The more points . . the more games to be played!

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